Make Ontario energy affordable again

Premier Doug Ford must fulfil his promise to scrap the cap-and-trade carbon tax

Make Ontario energy affordable againBack in 2016, Toronto-based Leland Industries announced it would no longer expand in Ontario but instead do so in Illinois. Illinois businesses are themselves fleeing to nearby U.S. states because that state’s business and personal taxes make it an expensive place to do business. That a company would move to high-tax Illinois tells us all we need to know…

Zapping taxpayers won’t validate green energy

The massively subsidized European power grid is in no way proof that the underlying renewables technology is viable

Zapping taxpayers won’t validate green energyA few years back, I had a chat with a reporter who had recently moved to Calgary from Europe, where he covered energy issues. In a discussion about renewables, he gave the oft-heard opinion that Europe was, of course, “ahead” of Canada. His eyes widened with admiration for how Europeans were greening their power grid.…

Unplugged from the reality of our energy needs

The green movement’s fossil-fuel divestment crusade hurts the poor and middle class

Unplugged from the reality of our energy needsIf you ever wonder how academics and activists combine to end up utopian, anti-poor and anti-middle class all at once, look no further than calls for savings and pension divestment from Canadian oil and gas companies. One academic from Toronto’s Ryerson University wrote of how “we are facing an impending disaster” from fossil fuels. The professor had…
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